Tight cornering BMOC Graduates Taking evasive action

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"They presented the information in such a way that was very easy to understand and apply. They took as much time as needed in order to be sure that each rider was 'driving' to their max capabilities. . . I never saw this before MOTOMARK1 and I will hold every other instructor I come across to this newly found standard. They made the training as realistic as possible, to include actual street riding. With street riding we actually got to apply what we learned vs. learning theory and applying for the first time on your own time as done with other courses. Everyone in the course gained a vast amount of knowledge and ability, to include a MSF instructor that went through the course. "

Thank you.
R/S Sgt James E. Shaw

Basic Motor Officer Course

This is a full 44-hour course that will provide a police motor certification. This is a 5-day course with a long day on the second weekend to conduct night training. Skills taught include low speed, high speed, tight traffic, curve skills, braking, collision avoidance, advanced on-road skills and distraction tactics for divided attention, night training and emergency response. In order to successfully complete you must make a 90% on every exercise, this includes driving skills and written test. We are opening it up to the public and law enforcement agencies for those that might be interested. The course will be taught at our Burlington location.

Mark Brown demonstrates the capability of the Harley Davidson police motorcycle.

Mark Brown demonstrates the capability of the Harley Davidson police motorcycle.

If you are interested in integrating motor operations into your current agency, contact us for more information.

Basic Motor Officer Course Class Details

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Length: 44 hours over two weekends.
Class Size: Limited to 8 students.
What's Included: 44 hours instruction with lunch provided.
Motorcycle: Bring your own.
Minimums: Safe motorcycle, DOT-rated or duty-approved helmet, spare plug(s) and basic toolkit (plug wrench, etc.), appropriate fuel load, eye protection, pants, long shirt, over-the-ankle boots (MX style recommended). Knee, elbow, and chest armor recommended. Hydration bladder (CamelBak, etc.) recommended year round.
Location: Burlington, NC
Dates: See our Class Calendar.

We accept Visa/Mastercard Price: $1295     

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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