Students learning to DRIVE. We teach you how to DRIVE your motorcycle. Mark DRIVING his motorcycle.

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"WOW! What a great day today with the MotoMark1 class at Crossroads. We had a great time and learned so very much today. Our instructors were top notch and so very helpful. I didn't realize what a bad motorcycle rider I was until this morning, but this evening I came out as a pretty darn good motorcycle driver and so did the rest of the class. I hope that you all will take the opportunity to attend on of the classes and learn how to drive your motorcycle as well. Thank you so much Mark, David and Daniel."



Ride Vs. Drive

Our slogan “Making Ordinary Riders Into Extraordinary DRIVERS” is not just a play on words:
It is the core of our philosophy. MotoMark1 believes there is a distinct difference between riding and driving.

A motorcycle is a machine that requires an operator. This means that to be able to operate a motorcycle on the streets, highways and bi-ways, the operator must perform certain exercises based on street skills. In most states, a separate operator’s license, i.e. “endorsement” is required, which involves taking a basic skills test (both written and road) before the endorsement is issued.

Ferris Wheel

At MotoMark1 we believe that if you want to go “ride something”, you should go to the state fair, carnival or amusement park!! That is, you give the ride operator your coupons and get strapped in. The operator secures the safety devices and YOU hold on while he operates the ride, making it go up, down, all around, left, right and out of site! You have absolutely no input or control during the event!

Some folks say they ride motorcycles… If they are riding, then what is the passenger doing? The passenger rides while the DRIVER DRIVES the motorcycle. The biggest difference in riding means you allow the motorcycle to do what it wants to do. DRIVING means “YOU” the operator makes the motorcycle do what you want it to do. The DRIVER makes the motorcycle go where he or she wants it to go. In other words, you DRIVE on PURPOSE!!

If you ride around with your head in the clouds, chances are good you will be startled or will lose control because the motorcycle has encountered a problem. Motorcycles do not like problems. If the motorcycle encounters a problem or does not like the input that it is given, it will get rid of the problem! Guess who that is? That’s right, it is the rider!

IF we will learn to give smooth steady driver input to the motorcycle and learn to work WITH instead of AGAINST it, we will have a lot better chance of survival than just riding around. Some folks like to try and “manhandle” their motorcycle. If they do this long enough, they will lose that battle.

A person may be extremely fit and strong, but we have yet to see a rider that doesn’t end up on the ground when the motorcycle wants to get rid of the rider. I have never heard anyone say that they meant to go out and crash their bikes - it was always “something else” that made them crash.

We’ve got news for you: When you are the only one involved in the crash (no other vehicles) it is your fault! The motorcycle did exactly what you told it to do based on the input you gave it.

People say “that car just pulled out in front of me” or “I went into the curve too hot” or “They acted like they did not see me”… WHY is this? You have to do your part as a motorcyclist to DRIVE with Situational Awareness (SA) at all times. This is another part of DRIVING.

DRIVING is a strategy very similar to Chess. When playing Chess, we need to think 3, 4, maybe 5 moves ahead in order to beat our opponent or our threat. Our threat on the road is other traffic, pedestrians and animals. DRIVING is a thinking process that requires mental and physical input. The last time you were on a RIDE at the fair how much control and thought process did you have over it? NONE! The operator or DRIVER had it all and the only way you could make it stop was to either “vomit” or ride it out. If you ride out on the road you are going to crash unless you make the motorcycle do what you want it to.

Dance!Think about you and your significant other: If you start to fight or wrestle with them, one will win and one will lose and it does not take very long to tire out. BUT, if you wanted to dance with your partner, knowing the moves, the music, and learned all the steps, you could dance all night long! DRIVING the motorcycle is the same way. Learn to dance with your bike instead of fight it. Give the bike good smooth DRIVER input and and gracefully massage the techniques instead of forcing it. Then the bike will respond in a safe and smooth manner.

Here is another example of riding versus DRIVING: Do you think Nicky Haden, Valentino Rossi or any of the other professional motorcycle racers just ride around the track? Absolutely not! They DRIVE into turn one, they DRIVE through the corkscrew, and they DRIVE down the straights.

Do you think that “Motor Cops” just ride through rush hour traffic or just ride around chasing down violators? Absolutely not!! Do you think that our Military just rides through the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan? These professionals DRIVE on PURPOSE to do their jobs. Each one of them also practices on a regular basis to perfect their skill and trade. Not everyone can do what the above guys and gals do, but everyone can practice and most of all, change their attitude towards DRIVING instead of riding.

MotoMark1, LLC teaches a theory of how to DRIVE from point “A” to point “B” with no injury to person and no damage to machine so we can accomplish our mission. The mission may be going to the store to pick up a gallon of milk, or it may be going from here to Alaska. No matter what the mission, if you do not accomplish it then it does not matter.

Every time you go out on your motorcycle, make it a training day. Try to DRIVE every corner with good technique, try to make every technique smooth for better control. Learn to maintain Maximum Control of your motorcycle – don’t let it control you.

We don’t claim to know all the answers, never have, never will. However, we do know that advanced training pays off and “attitude determines success”. We have seen too many funerals, crashes and mishaps that could have been prevented if folks would take their DRIVING more serious and begin to “DRIVE ON PURPOSE”.

Every MotoMark1 class has been designed with one purpose in mind: Instruct students in foundational principals, strategies, skills, and techniques so they will be equipped to DRIVE their motorcycle with not only a higher level of safety, but also with a higher level of enjoyment as well!

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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