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Customer Testimonials

June 8, 2015

Mark, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Todd for the excellent class last weekend. I learned a lot and found myself immediately applying it for my ride home (49 to 158 to Suffolk, Va - which was a great ride). I was actively checking mirrors when I came to a passing zone; was moving around lane positions regularly for turns, traffic, hazards, and so on; adjusting speeds to address sight distance; and gauging entry speeds and curves by the vanishing point, curtains, and landscapes. Thinking about things I'd typically take for granted are a great take away (mailman, trash, school bus, etc).

Now taking that knowledge and applying it to the variety of road types for lane placement and position that provide the best margin of safety cushion and visibility is an active thought process (which I'm sure will become second nature eventually), as well as looking much farther out to predict issues in advance.

I'm not sure when, but based on this experience I will surely be looking at more of your classes as I continue to try and improve my riding.


October 9, 2014

I have thought about the question you posed: accidents of people that have taken the Motomark1 classes, as far as we can remember I don’t think there has been any! However, the training that I received from MotoMark1 played a large part in saving the life of my son (riding pillion) and I when a SUV made a left hand turn merely yards in front of us. Without thought, the emergency braking I had practiced many times in the training, stopped us without injury to us or damage to the bike. Talk about a near miss! I am convinced that without a well maintained machine and my training, my son and I would not have walked away from that event. I was shaken up to the point the bike felt pretty heavy at the next light!!


October 9, 2014

Thank you Mark …this course exceeded my expectations; absolutely first class training and experience. Steve and Tod did a superb job. I feel I learned a lot and gained the confidence on my new R1200 GS Adventurer I wanted.

Andre Lacy

April 14, 2014

Hey Mark!
I rode with the folks from Capitol BMW yesterday. Had a great time and felt pretty good about my riding! Nothing major challenging, but I think that is because of the skills learned in your off-road class! I was one of the few people standing up on the gravel roads. I heard a few other talking about feeling unstable and saw one person step out with their foot. Honestly, I felt pretty stable the entire ride. But, again, lessons learned from your class….especially in the case where I laid the bike down!

Natalie L.

December 23, 2013

This is the time of year when many of us take some time to look back on the significant events experienced in the last twelve months. I have to tell you that my experience in the Basic Motor Officer Course was among the highlights for the year. The camaraderie and intensity were well balanced and I came away feeling that it was both a valuable training experience (primary objective) and a great vacation (icing on the cake).

Tim B.

October 9, 2013

I took the Precision Maneuvering School a while back and it saved my bacon for sure at least twice where I otherwise would've had an ambulance ride. It has also made me a much better MSF instructor by helping my understand the more advanced dynamics of street survival skills.


Sept 23, 2013

Just finished the Precision maneuvers course with Nick and Todd this weekend. I came away with much better slow moving maneuvers and doubled my awareness when driving my bike in high traffic conditions. It's the small changes that make the big differences. Can't wait for "part two".s.


June 10, 2013

GREAT JOB !!!! I was very pleased with the course. You exceeded my expectations and you helped be perform better than I expected was possible. I now to go out and practice so I don’t lose the skills.

I thought the class was exceptional. It made me a much better and more confident rider at slow speeds and eliminated my fear to lean the bike over till it drug without putting my feet down, All 3 instructors were exceptional and worked well together as a team. Heather was an exceptional rider and made the ladies in the group more confident they could do it.


May 7, 2013

I spent this past weekend riding in the dirt. On Saturday in the woods near Berkeley Springs, WV and on Sunday the Green Ridge Dual Sport Ride - every day's a training day, as "they" say. I was on my Honda 230 since the roads/trails were likely to be more gnarly than what you had taken us on. But I managed to successfully ride through lots of stuff (mud holes, rocks, steep/tight turns on gravel, creeks, etc) that I wouldn't even have attempted before taking your Overland Confidence Course. Also, a friend riding with us said to me, "You're doing great. You are riding with such confidence." What a difference a little quality training makes! A thousand thank yous to you and your entire organization.

Who knows where this new adventure will lead....
Karen Ager

April 30, 2013


I would like to thank you, David, Nick, and Todd for a superior learning experience. The training you provided was simply outstanding; you definitely have an excellent team. I am a completely satisfied customer.

When I finished my test on Sunday, I was excited (and relieved!), yet saddened that the program had come to a close. While the four of you started the week as my instructors, by the time we were finished with the BMOC I felt like you were as much friends as mentors.

Keep up the fine work. I believe that you truly are providing a public service through turning out well trained motorcycle drivers. If there is anything I can do to assist you in your efforts, please let me know.

Tim Bronson
Student Driver
Pittsburgh, PA

April 23, 2013

Thanks for the words. We are very happy and proud to have chosen MotoMark1. What we're building here has no price. We believe that when God wants to give, he puts some special people in our ways and you guys are really special. You have made a wonderful mark in our lives and we will never forget what you did for us. We are proud to say that we are students of MotoMark1 and even more proud to say that we are friends of the best US motorcycle instructors. We're already feeling sad because we know that soon we will have to return to our country, but our friendship always connect us.

Ângelo S. Viana

November 24, 2012

WOW! What a great day today with the MotoMark1 class at Crossroads. We had a great time and learned so very much today. Our instructors were top notch and so very helpful. I didn't realize what a bad motorcycle rider I was until this morning, but this evening I came out as a pretty darn good motorcycle driver and so did the rest of the class. I hope that you all will take the opportunity to attend one of the classes and learn how to drive your motorcycle as well.


July 31, 2012

Being an "experienced" rider and having logged 300k miles in 12 years, I'd never have expected to learn as much as I did. Mark and his staff kept me focused and intrigued from the first second. The BOCC course was two days and was action packed the entire time. I thought I had the skills needed to ride confidently on and off road. I guess the saying " You don't know what you don't know" is true. I had no idea how little I knew and how much I was capable of. Now, the Precision Handling class in Burlington was also amazing. A full day of real world skills, often reserved for motor officers, were at the students disposal. Mark and his staff made all his students feel like part of the family.

I mostly just want to share with you, and everyone I know, that the MotoMark1 classes are a needed part of everyone's riding career. I'll be spending much of my personal time promoting this wonderful and much needed product.

Blair Harris

May 20, 2012

Thanks again for letting me attend he class. I know I learned a lot the first time, and even more the second time. . . As far as the course goes, as I said yesterday, I think it is excellent. Your pacing is very good. You create a good atmosphere; serious but with enough humor so that it isn't too serious. The presentation of the material is very clear (impressively so) and your use of PowerPoint is very good. I must confess that I HATE PowerPoint. But you use it as it should be used (in small but well conceived doses). . .

As in the past, the course instruction was excellent. You dealt with a wide range of skills and machines on Saturday and made everybody feel as though you were attentive to their specific needs. And the new course is great.

In sum, I think you do an outstanding job.

Cheers, Fitz

May 14, 2012

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for the training. Everyone that spoke to me about it felt they learned many tools that should make their moto experience a safer and more enjoyable one.

I just spent 5 days away from work on a trip with a friend of mine from up north. He has been away from motorcycles for at least 20 years and decided to take advantage of a ’99 1100RT that someone was giving away near where he lives.

He traveled 1400 & I 1200 miles on the trip. Spent time at Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, rode the parkway visited Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock. Had a great time. My only regret is that he really needed your class. I feel like he would have had a better (and safer) experience if he was better prepared with the skills that you teach. I cannot stress enough how important being able to turn a bike around as the Moto Officers do. My opinion is that technique allows a rider to relax in most all situations. Of course, if you can turn like that, you can handle slow speed environments much better.

So, thank you for doing what you do! Many riders are better prepared for the unexpected because of you and at the same time they are more relaxed to enjoy the moment.

Keep the rubber side down!
Thank you, Dan Horvath

April 1, 2012

I forgot to say what a great classroom and training area you had! In addition, one usually figures the meals at these things would be something cheap and bearable. WOW! Great meals and being able to order what you want was certainly unexpected. Great, great, great. What a great experience it was to be able to attend and have Teresa attend. I was so frustrated at not being able to teach her and at my frustration levels also increasing her stress levels. It was such a relief to see her learn in a professional environment. Her comments after the class on the way home, and certainly her performance on the final ride around, were great testimonies to how much and how pleasurable her learning experience had been. It ended up being one of the best things we've done together in years because it was a common interest and a learning experience so we both came out way ahead..


October 31, 2011

I wanted to say thank you for the excellent class. I sincerely appreciate your time and infinite knowledge on safely riding... I mean, driving a motorcycle! Joking aside, this was an invaluable experience for my continued enjoyment of and survival of motorcycling Not only did you expand my knowledge-base and awareness, but I had a blast doing it. You have an incredible gift of putting complicated concepts into practical applications. The video taping, and wired helmet where superb tools second only to your first-rate coaching. On my way home, I took a little detour and practiced all the techniques you thought me.

Most sincerely, Miguel

May 26, 2011

(Through Bombar Beemers)
I took the precision driving school offered by MotoMark, the almost retired State Trooper Motor Officer. It was one of the hardest classes I have ever taken - I was exhausted by the end of the day - but the training was phenomenal. My riding skills were improved by orders of magnitude. I can't say enough good things about it, and about Mark.

Please encourage everyone who visits your shop to take the one day class - it is worth every penny!

Take care, Dave

October 4, 2010

After taking your course at the RA rally in West Virginia I have thought often of your instruction. I know I am a better driver because of your course. You have a great manner of enthusiastic presentation--you get an "A+" from me.

Now when I'm driving (especially off pavement) I keep my knees in and my eyes up. It works even on my mountain bike.

Thanks again for a great course.
Dr. Michael M. Cornett

September 29, 2010

I rode in the rain from the coast on Monday. The training I received form the Precision Maneuvering School class in the rain on the day of class made traveling easy. The class gave me the tools and skills I needed to drive and arrive safe to my destinations. I can personally say that all motorcycle riders young and old should take this class. I had a car pull in front of me last night in the rain at a stop light due to a NCDSP Officer investigating a wreck and did not leave me much room to stop. Your braking and training prepared me for the indent. I hit several grooves in a construction zone and the training about gripping the tank with your legs kept me safe and from being ejected from the bike.

Regards, Bill Harrison

September 21, 2010

Thank you for making my trip to Alaska from North Carolina during the summer of 2008 on my 2006 Caspian Blue Triumph Tiger 955i such a pleasant experience. I really do believe the training I received in both your Precision Maneuvering School and the MSF Dirt Bike School over prepared me for my trip.

Your training enabled me to drive my motorcycle, instead of ride my motorcycle to Alaska. I logged 25,000 miles before beginning my trip. After 39 days and 12,519 miles I only dropped my motorcycle twice off-road and once at a gas station. All three times no one was around to help me pick it up. Your training before and since the trip have been very helpful in getting the most enjoyment possible from my motorcycling experience.

Thank you for operating such a fine school. After 57,000 miles I haven't had any problems that I would call problems operating my motorcycle. I believe it was because of the training I received at MotoMark1.

Very Truly Yours, David Fields

May 2, 2010

Just got back from a 200 mile jaunt. I am so glad I took your class. Even after riding for 30 years..I feel like such a better rider!


March 22, 2010

I really got a lot out the session yesterday. Your teaching techniques are excellent. I know I was not great but I did better than I thought I would. Thanks to you. I now have something to practice.


Sept. 21, 2009

First of let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this course. Prior to attending the course I had never heard of MOTOMARK1 or the course they offer. However I had supreme confidence in my abilities and thought I could no longer be seriously challenged, I was dead wrong.

Nothing against Keith Code or MSF but I learned more in 1 week with MOTOMARK1 than with Keith Code and MSF combined times 2. The first few days they "humbled" us and showed us how much we really DIDN'T know about our own abilities. They accomplished this by demonstrating the correct way to maneuver through a course, which they made it look easy, and then gave us the opportunity to try.

I was very frustrated for the first few days and almost everyone broke down to the do I turn...what's TO fast...clutch control...They presented the information in such a way that was very easy to understand and apply. They took as much time as needed in order to be sure that each rider was "driving" to their max capabilities. MSF and Keith Code never took proper amount of time to be sure that this was happening, they did just enough to get by. I never saw this before MOTOMARK1 and I will hold every other instructor I come across to this newly found standard. They made the training as realistic as possible, to include actual street riding. With street riding we actually got to apply what we learned vs. learning theory and applying for the first time on your own time as done with other courses. Everyone is the course gain a vast amount of knowledge and ability, to include a MSF instructor that went through the course.

Thank you. R/S Sgt James E. Shaw

Monday, July 27, 2009

As I have reflected on your off road training class I participated in Thursday afternoon, I have realized that I learned several things that will also help me on the street. And to my surprise, the mistakes I made were actually my best learning moments.

I am positive that never again, in any situation, will I release the brake lever and depress the clutch lever when I am stopped on a steep hill!!!!!

I now also have a greater understanding of how you use the lower body in turns, and the differences between off road driving and street driving.

So I want to say thank you for all that you taught the class, and the great patience that you showed in dealing with the inexperienced riders.

In addition, as one who has worn military and law enforcement uniforms since 1961, I have a great appreciation for your service in the U.S. Marine Corps and law enforcement for so many years.

Thank you for your service to our country and to other law enforcement personnel!

Thank you for your dedication to duty and your professionalism in performing your duties.

Sincerely, Eugene R. McKinney

Many thanks for sharing your time and expertise last Saturday. I was amazed at how quickly my riding skills vastly improved under your watchful eye. Your challenging and encouraging teaching style made the experience all the more enjoyable. The communication technology and the instant feedback during the instruction was invaluable.

It was a pleasure meeting you ... and I am looking forward to spending time driving together in the future...

Paul Collins

May 3, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help that you gave me with my new Honda Goldwing. I knew that getting to NC from NJ would be straight forward enough, and that I had sufficient skill to accomplish the ride. However, I also realized that my slow-speed maneuvering skills and level of experience were woefully inadequate.

The radio communications and video recordings that you provided for instruction were an integral part of the solution to my riding problem. Real-time correction of a problem is an essential factor when teaching someone to "drive" a motorcycle. Your insistence, as well as your patience with regard to correcting my riding deficits has transformed a cross-country ride filled with apprehension into a cross-country adventure. The bottom line is that you helped me gain the skills and self-confidence that I needed to accomplish a two month, cross-country trip safely. You very possibly saved my life, and I can't thank you enough. . . .

Best wishes, Ken Gordon

Two Boomers, a Beemer, Bavaria and Beyond. . .

We thought for a while that we might join one of the organized tour outfits like Edelweiss but the adventurer in me chose independence over certainty. My confidence to go two up on our own was also fed by the skills I had gained through over eight hours of one-on-one training with Mark Brown, a certified police motorcycle trainer who does business as in Apex. I learned like the back of my hand Triangle area roads I never knew existed as Mark drilled me on the special skills I would need to negotiate the switchbacks and roundabouts that, as an experienced international motorcyclist, Mark knew I would encounter.

Steve Bingham

Garrett in the sidecar rig.Garrett

I just wanted to thank you for the instruction today. No one else was interested in supplying training for a side car rig, and I had pretty much given up hope. When you came to the HOG meeting and I asked about the side car, you said yes without hesitation. You take the time to supply the training to those that want it, and adapt the course to meet the individual needs of those involved, not just my side car, and it is just one of the things that sets you above the rest. As I told you during the course, due to the lack of training available for side car rigs, I had self-taught myself until I took your course, and you taught me maneuvers I didn’t think were possible. I have attached some pictures of my son and the bike, as it occurred to me that you had never met my son, and he is what the side car is all about. Again, thank you for the instruction, and please pass along my thanks to the rest of your fine group. Merry Christmas and ride safe.
Wade Baise III

I'll never be able to thank you enough for the training you provide to motorcycle riders! I attribute my husband's favorable hunting trip (i.e., have Goldwing will hunt?) to the skills you provide in your classes; please see below for details of his hunting trip...

Email message sent to some friends following the incident:

"Just a quick THANK YOU to all the great riders and instructors for all the challenges and tips thru the years. I used every one of them this morning when a deer hit me in the clutch (left) side of my bike on the way to work this morning. I was in a slight right hand turn at around 70 mph when I saw him about 5 feet to my left coming at full speed. I'm fine, left leg is sore, bike is missing some plastic but not too bad."

BTW: He kept the bike upright on two wheels the entire time. Thank you again, Mark!!!

Sincerely, Kim R. Teal

You and your friends (staff) did a great job. Thank you for helping me increase my rider skills!

Tracy Robert Watson

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class last Saturday. I feel like I came away with a lot of new tools to help me reach another level of riding skill. It's still going to take me a whole bunch of practice time, but you showed me what to practice and more importantly, HOW to practice it. I'll be a whole different rider driver next time you see me - - - and you will see me again

Thanks, Bruce Buskey

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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